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Impression Embroidery bring you the highest quality T-Shirt Printing in Romford.  As well as Tshirt printing in Romford, we also offer T-Shirt Printing in Dagenham and T-Shirt Printing in Hornchurch, Impression Embroidery also offer T-Shirt Printing in Ilford and T-Shirt Printing in Brentwood.
Impression Embroidery also offer in-house Workwear Embroidery in Romford, Polo Shirt Embroidery in Romford and surrounding areas of Dagenham, Ilford, hornchurch and Brentwood.
T-Shirt Printing in Romford by Impression Embroidery and also Embroidery in Romford of Workwear and polo shirts. Impression Embroidery also offer embroidery to Dagenham and Brentwood businesses.

Impression Embroidery

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Sublimation & Photo T-Shirt Printing

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Having a full colour image or design printed on your T-shirt or other clothing item really does make it stand out.

We offer two great printing options for full colour images with the added options of additional vinyl printing.

Sublimation Printing

Designed for printing on white fabrics, Sublimation printing offers full colour printing with great detail for smaller quantities.
Printing exactly from your supplied image, the great colours and the printing process give great results.
With Sublimation printing the ink gets transferred directly into the fabric of the t-shirt with no raised print like other processes.
The final design and print looks and feels like its part of the original fabric.

Multi Colour Subli Print with Full Details shadows and shading.

Chocolate bar photographed and the printed in full colour with Sublimation.

Photo tee and separate vinyl prints combined to create great bowling design.

Memorial fishing t-shirt with photo print  and additional vinyl.

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Photo t-Shirts

Photo printing used to recreate logo for application to overalls for charity car race.

Photo tee with added two colour vinyl text for F1 Grand Prix Trip.

Using a combination of sublimation printing and subli flock, our photo printed t-shirts give not only great quality images, but also a soft feel to your final printed product.

Our photo printed tee’s [sweatshirts and hoodies] can be combined with our other vinyl products to give brilliant finished designs.

A t-shirt with your own photo printed in high quality. Unlike other photo printing processes that leave you with a plastic feel print on your t-shirt, we use a printed flock fabric to ensure that not only do you get a great high quality photo but a soft feel print applied to your tee.

Combine with Other Vinyl’s

Combine your photo tee or sublimation tee with our other great vinyl’s to create the ultimate personalised t-shirt, sweatshirt  or hoodie.

Once printed with your choice of photo, your product can then be further personalised with names, numbers, quotations or designs.